Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Table

In honor of my mother and mothers everywhere who have albums (or drawers) full of pictures like this. Pictures of "The Table". Pictures that represent all the time and effort they put into various functions. Pictures that show that, yes, at one time, there was order before the chaos began. Pictures that transcend generations: from tablecloths made of antique lace at Thanksgiving to avocado green polyester at that 70's fondue party. Here's to you, Mom!



Chipotle Party

So, after many words, here are some pictures. This is the party I and a friend organized for the base in Madang. We had everyone over for our own version of Chipotle. Here's how it began: I was talking to Bekka about this restaurant I like in the States, Chipotle. I explained how it works and told her I did it last time we were in PNG when we had some college kids over for dinner. We decided to try it again, only this time for everyone. We sent out an e-mail and folks brought everything we needed: homemade tortillas, rice, beans, homemade salsa, cheese and marinated, grilled chicken. People signed up to bring stuff and the party was on. Folks came, ate and we had a great time!

Picture 1: Betty's art work, flowers from the base
Picture 2: The men talking
Picture 3: The women working
(Some things are international!)

When was the last time...continued

I realized after reading the last post that there is so much good, too, that I don't remember doing lately.

I can't remember the last time I...
... organized a party for 36 people in four days (when you don't have anywhere else to go, your schedule is pretty free; in fact, you'll take any social time you can get!)
...didn't run off to 4-H, gymnastics, school or drama
...walked to a friend's house and shared a can of Nescafe Latte
...walked to a friend's house at all
...I had a friend walk to my house
...was a boat ride away from beautiful snorkeling
...bought veggies straight out of the garden
...just sat and visited with a friend while the kids played outside (we have snow everywhere)
...didn't worry about where the girls were playing.

Now I guess I see why there were tears.

When was the last time...

I was thinking while in PNG about some things I do there that I can't remember the last time I did those about you?

I can't remember the last time I...
...took malaria preventative
...treated my kids for malaria
...did an ant check of the shelves of clothes armed with a can of bug spray
...took a shower with only cold water turned on
...took a shower with the curtain open so the fan could blow on me in a desperate effort to cool off
...slept with no covers
...was glad to see a gecko on the wall (they eat bugs)
...knocked an ant off my toothbrush, rinsed it, and used it anyway
...took a box of vegetables as a carry-on on a plane
...made home made bread (thanks Bekka)
...made home made french fries (should do that more often)
...made my own sour cream from cream and vinegar (won't miss doing that)
...brought my own toilet paper on the air plane
...didn't pay a fortune for organic vegetables (they're all organic at the market)
...drank boxed milk
...took two showers a day because I was so filthy from the sweat.

And I cried like a baby when we left all this!


Back in Colorado

After a long trip we safely arrived in Denver yesterday, March 14th, and made the trek home to Frisco. 1 1/2 hours later we pulled in the driveway to snow and slush. Spring has sprung in Frisco and the girls really enjoyed playing outside today without their noses freezing off! We may try and ski tomorrow just because we can and the snow is melting fast. There is still much unpacking to do on my part, the girls finished today, but that will be there on Saturday as well.

We miss PNG already. Especially the friends we were with. The base in Madang is a great size, not too big, so you really get to be friends with everyone. It felt like home quickly and still remains in our hearts. We look forward to returning as the Lord allows. All the girls complained at one time or another that it was too short of a trip this time. How, in this land of plenty, can a person long for a land that lacks so much? I told a friend in an e-mail today that sometimes it is nice to have needs so God can meet them. If I need something, I go to the store and buy it. In PNG, you may not be able to get what you need because it's not even in the country. But God provides often in ways you would not think of. Little blessings along the way from a very big God.

I'll post more pictures soon. For now, we must get in bed to recover from our jet lag. In our mind, it's in the afternoon but the sun has set here and the clock says otherwise.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Betty and Bethany and a PNG dryer

This is a PNG clothes dryer. Betty and Bethany love hanging laundry!

Off we go

Today (our Sunday) we begin our journey home. We will spend two extra nights in Sydney to see the sights before going to LA then Denver. I initially thought it would be fun, as I am sure it will be, but now we wish we were staying here two more days. We had a root beer float party on Friday night and the folks on the base here presented us with beautiful bowl made by a gal here in Madang. It is blue and white. They wrote a sweet card that everyone signed. It was very special.

We ask again for your prayers as several of the other girls have come down with fever. We think it may be a virus that has gotten to us. We have lots of traveling to do so we would really appreciate your lifting us up. We now think this may be what Mary had, just more severe than the other girls. We are continuing to treat her for malaria and she is feeling much better today.

We have so enjoyed hearing from everyone since we've been here. It has gone very quickly by. We were able to spend our last full day yesterday diving and snorkeling and enjoying God's beautiful creation. The snorkeling was beautiful, different reef, with parrot fish, puffer fish and lots of clown fish. So much more that I don't know the name of but God does. He knows we need help with illness and He knows so much more!


Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hoskins #3

Hoskins #2-Sleeping arrangements

Picture#1: Girls' room
Picture #2: Sal gal
Pictue #3: Guest suite (Richard and I, Mary and Sally on the floor)


I am finally able to get some pictures of our trip to Hoskins up for all to view. I'd do a few different posts as the pictures take a long time to upload. We had a great time visiting with Ned and Linn Beall and 6 of their 7 kids. We all stayed together in one apartment so it was a little crowded but we had some great southern hospitality, as Ned and Linn are from Texas. It is actually the Beall's fault we have come to PNG as Richard came in 1999 to help build their house in the bush.

Hoskins was nice, different from Madang. It has tons of oil palm trees which they harvest and process into palm oil. Richard and Ned were able to dive at a resort called Walindi. It was spectacular, according to Richard. The same day they went diving, Linn and I went to town and left the kids in charge of each other. We came home to a messy house, stinky diaper, tuna on the counter and not one dry towel in the house. Add a full day's grocery shopping to put away as well as dinner to prepare and you get two tired Mommies. But we sure had fun visiting that day without kids and will laugh about that for years to come!

***Mary is doing fine! We are continuing to treat her for malaria but we think it may have just been a little virus. Sally had a fever that same night that only lasted for a few hours and she was fine the next morning. Thank you to all who prayed! We really felt the prayers. Especially those who prayed for my peace. I was a little worried that night and spent the dinner prep time in silence, just praying for peace and comfort as well as God's hand on the girls. We had a good night's sleep and everyone woke up feeling healthy! God is good. I don't know where I'd be without Him.

Picture #1: Sally with her favorite flowers
Picture #2: Betty and Bethany with root beer floats
Picture #3: The base at Hoskins

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Update on Mary

Wanted to let you know that a little Tylenol has Mary on her feet again. She is still having aches so we went ahead and started her on the treatment for malaria. Better to be safe than sorry. If you can get it treated before it gets bad, it helps a lot! She is up and fighting with her sisters so she can't be feeling that bad...
Keep praying,

Please pray

Just a quick note to ask you to pray for our Mary. She is complaining of sore legs and has a low fever. Aches are a symptom of malaria, as well is fever. We took our preventative last night so it could just be a reaction to that. We have e-mailed the doctor and told him of our situation. We ask that you'd pray for her. We can take her in town and get her checked very easily and begin treatment if it is actually malaria. The earlier you get it treated, the shorter the illness. Last time, you may remember, I got it and it was diagnosed and treated right away. I was only down for about a week but kids to recover much faster than adults.

I'll write more when we know more...

Tracie for our tribe

Thursday, March 1, 2007


As we looked at our blog today, Bonnie commented that there were no pictures of her. Since everything in our life is fair, I thought we'd have a blog post just for her!