Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our Kitties

We have waaayyy too many pictures of our kitties.  In true cat lover fashion we are going to assume you want to see them as well.
Macy.  Yes, she is a one-eyed cat.  Insert stupid joke here.  We've heard them all.

Molly, aka Miss. P

Glenwood Canyon

Love this drive!!

Sally found a deer or elk hoof while picnicking in Rifle.  I wouldn't let her touch it with her hands.  Gross.  She has a real future as a paleontologist!
A close up of the remains.  No, she didn't bring it home with her!

Fun Pictures

I thought it would be fun to update some pictures of what has been going on with the family lately.  Right now we are ready for the snow to go away (surprise!).  Betty is such a great photographer and most of what I will post comes from her.