Friday, April 20, 2012

Before: on our way to Texas

During: windows down on the freeway...

Mary: During

Mary and Bonnie after: how is this possible?
Betty at a Texas ATM campus visit with cousin Rachel.

On our way to the motherland. 

Haven't heard from us in a while...

So today I was browsing on the internet and decided to take a little peek at our family blog. Some of the pictures on here are a bit old, so I thought we should update them. I mean, really, who wants to look at us in all of our braces and glasses glory? Those pictures are going to be taking an extended vacation to the trash bin. Just kidding. My mother would strangle me if any of us children got rid of "memories".

Anyway, our life is not that exciting right about now. we are just continuing with school, piano, and extra-curricular sports. I, Bonnie, was on the high school swim team, and Mary will be starting tennis with the middle school in, uh, May I think... Betty and Sally are really excelling in piano lessons. Betty is on the regular schedule for the church piano playing.

We are all preparing for a piano competition in June. Basically, we have to memorize and perfect 7 songs, and do: scales, chords, arpeggios, ear training, etc. If any of you have ever played piano, then you will understand that these expectations are just a bit hard to beat. Then again, our teacher did start us in March... Earlier, next year, maybe? I will upload some recent pics of us in our home-schooled, freezing cold (it snowed this morning), sick of the snow glory.

Well, gotta run. We are spending the weekend in Denver so we can be warm, and *gasp* actually shop somewhere where there are more than 5 stores in one area!!!